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Rins: “Most of the time Joan Mir tests my setup and races with that set-up”

Jun 8, 21 | 01:45 PM
María Viñas López editor – Life is Racing

"Riding a bike is like an art, something you do because you feel something inside". VR46

Álex Rins joined DAZN as a commentator last Saturday during FP4, after breaking his right arm while training on his bike at the circuit on Thursday. The Suzuki rider was able to comment on some of the current issues in the championship.

Álex Rins added his fifth consecutive zero as he was unable to take part in this weekend’s Catalan Grand Prix. The Suzuki rider was injured last Thursday, after a bike crash while training at the Montmeló circuit. With a fracture in his right arm, he had to undergo surgery on Friday morning, focusing on his participation in Sachsenring in two weeks. Taking advantage of his presence at the track, he was able to be a commentator on DAZN during FP4 last Saturday.

Reason for his crashes in the race: “It’s hard to see. I with Manu Cazeaux, -his technical manager- we take these last four crashes that we have fallen, the one in Jerez we discarded because it was a mistake of mine the fact of going long, wanting to enter immediately and losing the front wheel; the one in Le Mans… oysters, leaving the pits and falling in the water, well, that’s good. But Portugal and Mugello are crashes that are hard to see if it’s from the front or the back with so much angle”. 

He intended to test in Barcelona a technical innovation that could put a solution to the crashes: “It’s a shame, because for Catalunya we wanted to test something that we had before. In the middle of last year, after winning in Aragon, we tried a different configuration that allowed me to enter the corner with more braking, it felt good. We never got around to testing the earlier thing to confirm that this thing we tested in Alcaniz was going well, and we had it just right to test at this circuit. The crashes I have had have been from being at maximum angle”.

Rossi: “Valentino is suffering, it’s not being easy for him. I think someone else would have already made it clear he wouldn’t continue next year. He is a fighter, it’s incredible, the years he has and what he must train. I think that before the physical training you had to do in the gym was not the same as now. I’m talking about the gym, riding a bike, riding a motorcycle…”.

Fabio Quartararo: “He has taken a step forward in maturity, in riding, that Quartararo who in the first year when he was fighting with Marc, who was second in so many races, has been able to take that step forward. He has focused, not to go so much crazy, and he has it clear”.

Jorge Martín: “The injury stopped his progress a little bit, but the guy in Andorra has been recovering very fast, a lot of sacrifice. Martin is a rider who has the blood of a fighter. When I was in Qatar, in the second race he led so many laps, oops, he’s a rookie, you know? Yes, the bike runs a lot on the straight, but you have to be there.”

Different set-up between Joan Mir and Rins: “It’s true that many times we start the Grand Prix with very different bikes in terms of set-up, but most of the time he tests my set-up and he does the race with that set-up. There are races where we go different and races where we go similar”.

Problems for Honda: “On the straights the Honda runs. If I’m honest, years ago in races like Silverstone, where I did the whole race behind Marc, you could see that yes, the weak point is to make the bike turn, it didn’t turn much, but I’m talking about Marc before the injury, he made it turn”.

“It’s complicated to say what the Honda lacks. From the outside, when you’re behind them, it’s not like you say ‘this or that is missing’. Pol Espargaró is having a hard time, I thought it would be a little easier for him. He’s a rider who brakes hard all the way in and spins. In the end that’s what he was doing with the KTM, he was going fast because he was braking super fast. It doesn’t have to be an easy bike”.

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