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Quartararo responds to Stoner: “He’s at home; if it had happened to him ten years ago, he would not have said anything”

Jun 9, 21 | 10:45 AM
Photo: MotoGP
Raquel Jiménez Rodríguez

"Never give up." PE44

Fabio Quartararo wants to make a clean slate of what happened on Sunday, although not before responding to those who have criticized him, including Casey Stoner.

After the incident on Sunday with his monkey and the subsequent controversy around the double sanction they gave him, Fabio Quartararo already wants to make a clean slate of what happened. With the humor that characterizes him, the Frenchman has responded to all those who criticized him after what happened, one of them the double MotoGP World Champion, Casey Stoner, who claimed that they should have raised the black flag on the current leader of the premier class.

In a statement to Sky Sport, Quartararo wanted to make his position clear after the double penalty. “I’m not angry, at the end yesterday I was laughing… I finished the race third but then because of the penalty I went down and I was fourth in the classification, then after three hours sixth, I said to myself ‘maybe tomorrow will be 25’… We lost enough points but it’s all over, we have to laugh about it. I’m even more excited for the next GP ”.

Clean slate

‘El Diablo’ also wanted to refer to the joke that he published on his social networks after the Montmeló test where he appeared with a swimsuit on his motorcycle, referring to what happened with his jumpsuit on Sunday. “This morning we tested a new system with Alpinestars, there were so many things to do, so in an ironic sense I made that gesture. It is a different system, we have to evaluate it well, we have to be sure of what we have to do ”.

At the end of the race and the second sanction was known after the complaints of some MotoGP riders, the Yamaha rider wanted to share a message on his social networks thanking those who had requested his sanction. Despite this, Fabio does not want to add fuel to the fire and admits that he is not angry. People talk a lot, I don’t want to mention names in particular, but this doesn’t make me angry, it makes me laugh. That is why I wrote the post, I was not angry ”.

However, the Frenchman did want to respond to Casey Stoner’s criticism after the race where he said that Fabio Quartararo deserved a black flag after running with the open suit. “He’s at home and he likes to fish. If it had happened to him ten years ago, he wouldn’t have said anything. I don’t want to comment on anyone in particular … but this weekend I saw how certain people are really made.

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