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Puig, after a disastrous weekend: “You can’t find any bright spots”

Jun 8, 21 | 10:45 AM
María Viñas López editor – Life is Racing

"Riding a bike is like an art, something you do because you feel something inside". VR46

After the race weekend in Barcelona, HRC’s team manager, Alberto Puig, makes an assessment of what the golden wing brand has experienced at the Grand Prix of Catalunya.

It has been a long time since Honda had such a disastrous weekend. With the Catalan Grand Prix, the Japanese brand has now gone 11 races without a podium and 21 without a sniff of victory. In addition, all the HRCs on the starting grid had to go through Q1, in addition to adding two new crashes of their official riders in the race. Álex Márquez was the best Honda of the competition, out of the Top10 -he was eleventh- and with Nakagami in thirteenth place. With all this, Alberto Puig, HRC team manager, makes an assessment of the weekend, setting out to find a solution to the bad streak of the golden wing brand.

Disastrous weekend: “We didn’t expect our two riders to crash. This is not good, there is nothing more to add. From a performance point of view, no positive points can be found. All we can say is that HRC and the team have put 100% into solving these problems and trying to find solutions for our riders. If we talk about the crashes themselves, the positive point is that they both came out unscathed.”

They are already looking for a solution: “We are going to try things. We always hope and work to find something that can show us a new way, a new direction to explore. Maybe what we test is not perfect, but it can give us positive, interesting information and conclusions to move forward. We will test different components and see if they can help us for the future.”

Germany, next destination, where Márquez has always won: “Right now, the priority is to solve the problems. Sachsenring is a track where our riders have always been fast, especially Marc. We all know his speed there. But at the moment, the circumstances are not perfect to make a big step between races, from Barcelona to Germany. In any case, we will try, of course.”

The crowd is back in the stands, but normality is not coming for HRC: “Step by step the overall situation is getting closer to normal for everyone, but for us it won’t be normal until we win again. Honda HRC is never looking for excuses and neither are its riders. There is a problem, we have to solve it and we are working to solve it.”

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