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Pernat: “Honda is investigating Marquez’s credibility, not doctors decision”

Jan 31, 21 | 01:45 PM
Óscar Rodelgo Alonso editor – Life is Racing

“The idea here is simple, if you can dream it, it is possible.” JL99

Carlo Pernat, Italian commentator has talked to GPone about Dovizioso future, Marquez situation. And also about the two italian factories on the grid, Ducati and Aprilia.

Carlo Pernat, has talked as every Saturday, in Gone. In that occasion, the Italian commentator has talked about a lot of things related to the MotoGP paddock. He remarked Aprlia’s situation, they would be the only factory to have concessions. After a great KTM year, the Austrian factory won’t have that help, letting only Aprilia as team with concessions. They Italian factory will have to try to get closer to the other factories. But Pernat has remarked they have other problems.

Pernat said, in a livestream of GPone, with Matteo Aglio, and Paolo Scalera, that at this time Aprilia doesn’t have a test rider. “The reliable rumours said that Bradley Smith rejected his contract as test rider. Having said that, my impression, is that Lorenzo Savadori will be Aprilia’s second rider, and they will have to look for another test rider.”

The Italian commentator, has said what, he would do, if he was the manager of Aprilia. He has very clear who could be a good test rider for the factory. “If I have to give some advice, I will say that they have to sign Alex de Angelis. I think that it would be the perfect fit for the team. But if given the choice I would stay with Max Biaggi“.

He also talked about Andrea Dovizioso actual situation. Now the Italian rider is in his sabbatical year. But recent reports, has put his name as replacement of Marc Marquez, if the Spanish rider miss some races at the start of the season. Pernat has said that a lot of people want to see Dovizioso as Aprilia’s test rider, but for him is discard. “Battistela is trying to find some good offers. However, now the only way that Dovizioso has to come back to MotoGP, is Honda. I think that it would be difficult. Also I would love to see Dovizioso on Aprilia, but they don’t have enough resources to sign him”.


“I think that Marquez got on a bike, and Honda didn’t know it”

Pernat also talked about Marquez’s injury, during the interview. It is said that Marc Marquez broke, his first plate while he was opening a door in his house. This is the official version, but Pernat revealed a secret, he has suggested that Marquez could have broke his plate, after he rode a bike, and Honda has discover that.

The commentator, has explained some investigations that Hondas has been doing. related to Marquez and his injury. “Honda is investigating Marquez’s credibility, not doctors decision. Let me explain, they are investigating the truthfulness of the window incident. Because the problem could not have come from there. I think that Marquez could have got on a bike, without Honda’s knwoledge”.

Pernat also talked about the 2021 season. Specifically about Ducati, the Italian factory has made a complete renewal of his riders, and his line-up for 2021 it will be Jack Miller, and Francesco Bagnaia, who were promoted form Pramac to the factory team. “For Ducati is the year zero. They have selected, two young riders, and they will have to take some time until the will win again. But if they can do it in a year, it will be great”. Said Pernat.

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