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Pablo Nieto talks about Rossi: “Being at home, he has been calling us a little bit more than usual”

Oct 24, 20 | 11:06 AM
María Martín Muros editor – Life is Racing

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Valentino Rossi will not be racing at this week’s Grand Prix in Teruel. However, he continues to work from home for the Sky VR46 team, as Nieto confesses.

A few days ago, the news came out that Valentino Rossi had tested positive for coronavirus. This meant that he was unable to participate in the Motorland circuit, as he will not be participating in the so-called Teruel Grand Prix this weekend. In any case, the Italian pilot cannot disconnect 100% from the World Championship due to his involvement with the Sky team of Moto2 and Moto3.

Massimo Meregalli, team manager of Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP, said his symptoms have subsided and he is feeling much better: “It is still a strange situation for our team to have only one rider this weekend. The good news is that Vale is feeling better. He no longer has the symptoms of Covid-19 and hopes that his test results on Monday will be negative so that he can join us again for the races in Valencia”.

“Every time ‘Vale’ calls you, he helps you a lot”

Also, Pablo Nieto has talked to ‘DAZN’ about Rossi and his permanent contact with the Sky VR46 team in the distance. “Every time he calls you, he helps you a lot, and more so with everything he has been through. We are lucky to have Valentino in that sense and on top of that being at home he has called us a little bit more than usual. From home, he looks completely different, but the truth is that any advice from ‘Vale’ must be taken one hundred percent, because he has a brutal experience and helps a lot”, explained the team manager.


In addition, Nieto had an interview with ‘Diario AS’, where he commented on Rossi’s condition after being detected by COVID-19: “Well, he’s locked up at home. Last week, he was worse physically and so he spent more time in bed and resting, but now that he is starting to be well and can’t do anything it is a little harder for him to be at home and it gives us more war, but positive war”. He insists a lot on the importance of Valentino continuing to work for his Moto2 and Moto3 teams, despite how hard it is not to compete in the final races.

About Marini and Bezzecchi: “Valentino wants them to work together”

“I tell him how the situation is and he says, ‘I understand. Everything is clear. He asks a little bit about everything, about how the training went, about the strategy of the rubbers made, the one we are going to take… He is up to date with everything”, he confessed about his conversations with Rossi. He also spoke about the bad race of Marini and Bezzecchi at Motorland: “Valentino was disappointed, like everyone else, but he has experienced this more times and what he told us is that there are 100 points left, which is a lot, and that we have to keep pushing, because we are there”.

Both Sky riders are Moto2 title contenders: “Of course Valentino wants them to work together. He would do it and he approves it with his riders. In modern motorcycling, two are stronger in a team than one. In the pit lane, it is super important to recover their mutual collaboration, because Bastianini and Lowes are alone, so by being two and going together you can have more strength”, concluded Pablo Nieto.

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