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Morbidelli: “After my father’s death, Rossi locked me in a room and said: ‘If you need me, I’m here'”

Oct 29, 20 | 09:36 PM
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María Viñas López editor – Life is Racing

"Riding a bike is like an art, something you do because you feel something inside". VR46

Morbidelli reviews this season’s races, with his two victories in MotoGP, which put him in contention for the title of World Champion. In addition, the Italian rider remembers one of the hardest moments of his life, which he was able to get out of thanks to Rossi’s support.

With the last victory in the Grand Prix of Teruel, Franco Morbidelli stay as one of the contenders for the title. Despite not talking much about the Italian in the bets, the truth is that he is fourth in the standings, just 25 points behind the leader of the MotoGP World Championship, Joan Mir. The Petronas rider, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, reviews the season before facing the last three races of the year.

“Now I think about the title and I believe in it. I’m 25 points behind, three races to go. I should hold back when I think of the difficulties I’m facing. But now my determination is strong, it pushes me not to give up”, said Morbidelli. Now, the Petronas is competing for the MotoGP title with its two pilots, although Quartararo has the most options.

“Having Quartararo as a partner is an encouragement and a burden. I couldn’t get close to him and this condition helped me explore aspects of my character that I didn’t know,” Morbidelli explained in the interview.

During the talk, Morbidelli was also able to talk about the absence of the world champion, Márquez, who has marked the season: “Márquez is an absolute master. His absence has given everyone confidence. He spread courage. This involves the struggle between riders driven by will and ambition in a more open context where every mistake weighs heavily. You go from first to eighth place in an instant. However, there are aspects of his work that I do not like. I certainly respect it. It’s very good”.

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“For me, Rossi is more like an uncle, he is the person I admire most”

And he also recalled one of the most difficult moments of his life. In 2013, Morbidelli lost his father, Livio Morbidelli. Despite the suffering, the pilot tells how he was able to get on with his life: “It was the strongest and most shocking event of my life. I reacted by looking ahead, rolling up my sleeves and saying, ‘Come on, work, walk,'” recalled the Petronas pilot.

But, in order to get ahead and overcome his death, Morbidelli needed the help of his friends. At that moment, Valentino Rossi did not hesitate to offer him help, a fact that made their friendship much stronger, even considering them as brothers: “For me Rossi is more like an uncle. He is the person I admire most and to whom I owe so much. After my father’s death, he locked me in a room and said: “If you need me, I’m here”. He taught me, he helped me, he inspired me”.

“Maybe Rossi and Carlo, my athletic trainer, performed a fatherly function. Then there’s Francesca, my girlfriend. We were at school together, she accompanies me with love and without fear. Women are stronger than us,” adds Morbidelli, who couldn’t help but thank Rossi, of whom he speaks so highly: “Rossi and I fight, I get angry when he outdoes me and he feels the same when I do. What is great is that we are such good friends that we don’t hide anything. Rivalry brings us closer. We are two personalities that are good together. Our unity is much stronger than any antagonism”.

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