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Mir replies to Stoner: “He has disappeared from here, hasn’t he? He only shows up to make comments like this”

Oct 13, 20 | 12:44 PM
Joan Mir
María del Mar Vicens Martínez editor – Life is Racing

"The strongest rider I had to defeat was myself." Mick Doohan

Joan Mir has become one of this year’s sensations. The Balearic has told, in an exclusive interview with Marca, how he has lived this first part of the season.

Joan Mir is living a dream, after his two consecutive podiums in Misano and Barcelona, the Balearic was postulated as a clear contender for the title. Currently, the Suzuki rider is only ten points away from the first classified, the French Fabio Quartararo. Undoubtedly, this is one of his most memorable seasons that could make the ’36’ achieve his first MotoGP world championship at the end of the season.

In an exclusive interview with Marca, the Mallorcan remembered one of his most memorable moments: the overtaking of Valentino Rossi, an instant that he would like to repeat in his first victory in the premier class. “If I could choose, right now that Marc Márquez is not here, I would like to be with Valentino. That would be a dream. But, if not, winning would be enough for me”.

The 2020 World Cup and its validity

For some champions like Mick Doohan and Casey Stoner this championship seems to not have the same validity. Currently, Mir is one of the title favourites along with Fabio Quartararo, and he does not agree with the retired riders: “It’s so nice to talk from the outside, retired. What I don’t understand is that, in theory, Casey has disappeared from here, right? He only shows up to make comments like this. I just don’t get it. Let him talk what he wants, let him have his say. From home, on the couch, everyone is very comfortable”.

Joan Mir

Mir explains how this rare championship is any different from other ones: “This has already happened to Marc Márquez himself, and many riders, who were not the favorites for that year, have been injured and, in the end, the one you least expected has won the World Cup. I think the same thing happened to Márquez in his first World Championship, that Pedrosa and Lorenzo were injured. But does that mean that the World Cup is less valuable to him? Not at all, surely it is the most valuable because it is the first. I don’t understand that ‘because Marquez isn’t there the value is less’. Márquez has risked a lot in the first race and has been injured, that is part of the competition”.

“What would have happened if Marquez had not fallen? Well, we don’t know, but for now, he felt in the first race. What would have happened if Joan Mir wasn’t thrown in Brno? Well, he would be leading the World Cup right now. Can we live with ‘what happened’? No. We have to live from the present and take advantage. Right now lots of riders have the opportunity to fight for the World Cup. I am aware that there are people who have much more pressure than me, because I, sincerely, always have pressure, but not much because I have very little experience”. 

The main goal

Despite this, Mir prefers to take the pressure off himself. “The project with Suzuki was to try to fight for the World Cup, but it was a long term goal. If this year we are fighting for the World Cup, we are all very grateful. But the main goal is to grow. And while we can keep growing we can win the World Cup, because it would be the bomb, but we must be realistic and always be with our feet on the ground”. 

Joan Mir

Lots of people are applauding the work that the Suzuki rider is doing this season, including the champion Mick Doohan: “I am proud that someone who knows so much about motorcycles as Mick Doohan has these words for me. He’s a great guy, he’s a legend, an idol. It means it’s a sign that we’re doing things right. I’m very happy to hear this from a guy like him”.

He has also won the affection of the public. “I think I’m a pretty simple person, pretty normal. Of course, if you try to be a simple, normal person or try to be polite, nice, you always notice that if you don’t win, even people are with you. If the results come out and the personality that you have, that I have never changed at all, whether it is the last or the first, it is better, people like this, but there are people who still force their personality a bit. It is not difficult for me to talk about many things because I am quite natural, I say things as I think them. If I ever have to say something stronger, I will surely say it because it is what I really think”.

Suzuki’s team work

About the team orders in Suzuki and his teammate Alex Rins: “If one of us is further ahead than the other in the championship, one has no chance or his chances are zero, and one is fighting for the World Cup with this factory, we all should help the rider who is in the front to win the World Cup. It is an opportunity. Since when we do not see a Suzuki rider fighting for the World Championship? A long time ago, it is an opportunity that must be taken”.

Joan Mir and Alex Rins
Joan Mir and Alex Rins. Photo:

A Suzuki idol, Kevin Schwantz. “Kevin used to come here, but now, with the coronavirus, he can’t. Before, he would come, and we would chat for a while. It’s always great to hear him. Now I haven’t received any messages from him, but I have nothing against him not sending me anything. He does follow me in some publications and says ‘I like it’, so I see him. I am convinced that Kevin is there hooked to see how we win at Suzuki”.

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