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Mir on his 2020 title: “In the comments I see hate, envy and silly things that take us nowhere”

Jun 8, 21 | 09:30 PM
Joan Mir, Suzuki, MotoGP
Joan Marc Voces Soriano editor – Life is Racing

"There is a grey blur, and a green blur. I try to stay on the grey one." Joey Dunlop

Mir talks about how his title defense is going in 2021, admitting he needs better Qualifying form but being confident podiums are coming.

Mir is currently 5th in the standings and 37 points away from the current leader Fabio Quartararo. This might look like a bad result, but at this stage last year he had just two more points on him.

Furthermore, the start of the season has all the tracks that, according to Mir, don’t benefit his bike. “We’re doing well. I know everyone has improved a lot. I know at the tracks where we raced our bike is not the best. Simply because the tyre wear was not a deciding factor, precisely where the Suzuki and I make the difference. We don’t have Yamaha’s fast lap, or Ducati’s top speed”, Mir told to Mundo Deportivo.

For this, the reigning World Champion is confident he will have better results soon. “Circuits where I’ll be in front will come. And it won’t be as surprising to see me at the front, because I’ll be in front during Practice, which is what I’m lacking now”.

Despite knowing there’s an improvement soon, he reckons he might not be in front during Qualifying. “You don’t know how hard it is to I imagine being on pole. I think it’s harder for me to score a pole than to win the Championship again. We’ll try to improve that but we have a long way ahead”.

Winning a title

Mir’s 2020 campaign caught everyone by surprise and there was a key factor into it: consistency. His focus on finishing constantly on a competitive position made him a winner last year, but because of this, he can’t afford many setbacks. That happened at Le Mans, when he crashed during the race. “That bothers me. Mistakes like this hurt a lot, because I know I don’t have to make mistakes that way”.

His only win last year made many people question how worthy was his title, specially after all that happened last year. Once again, Mir answered to this in his particular way. “I’ll be honest with you: I feel sad in Spain my title is so underappreciated when in other countries like Italy is well considered. I feel more loved. Here, in the comments is see hate, envy and silly things that take us nowhere. But they hit a wall here. I come here, I do my job, which thank God I do well, and I go home relaxed. Fortunately, not everyone is like that”.

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