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Miller on Quartararo’s incident: “You don’t think about safety; you can’t trust us riders”

Jun 8, 21 | 06:00 PM
Jack Miller, MotoGP, Ducati
Joan Marc Voces Soriano editor – Life is Racing

"There is a grey blur, and a green blur. I try to stay on the grey one." Joey Dunlop

Miller commented as well on the strange incident that happened to Fabio Quartararo during the Spanish Grand Prix. The Frenchman was given a 3-second penalty for losing his chest protective plate during the race.

Miller was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the last stage of Quartararo’s race. The Frenchman lost a position to Zarco right in front of the Australian, and despite rejoining in front of him, received a penalty for exiting the track.

2 penalties in a row

Although Quartararo didn’t gain anything from his off-track excursion, the penalty was awarded anyway, much to the disappointment of some people. Miller reckoned he thought the Frenchman would be penalised. “When I saw him exiting between turns 1 and 2, I thought he might get a penalty. For me, everything went perfect, except when I was about to crash in turn 4 and then I lost it in turn 5, getting out of the track. More than anything, I struggled with the temperature of the front rear tyre. On the straight, I didn’t get on anybody’s slipstream to cool it down. In the end, everything went well. I lost some points to Zarco, but I recovered some from Quartararo”, Miller said.

The strangest incident, though, was later, when Fabio Quartararo lost his chest protector on the middle of the race. Despite racing with his suit wide-open, the Championship leader continued racing until the end. This action caused most controversy, some arguing he should have stopped, some arguing he should have got a black flag. In the end, an appeal caused him to get another 3-second penalty, putting him in 6th. “We’re riders, and when you find yourself in a situation like this, you don’t think about safety, but on the result. Someone has to look for these things. You can’t trust us riders”.

The race at Catalunya proved tricky, with only 15 riders finishing the race. Miller said: “It was a long race, not very physical, different to the usual thing. You had to be calm and patient, and I’m not the most patient person in the world”.

Looking ahead

The podium at Catalunya proves his performance at Mugello was just a bump and that Miller is ready to fight for the crown. Now, he’s third on the Championship. “The two victories made me recover a lot of points. But the most important is that I feel very comfortable with the Ducati. The GP21 is fantastic. Next race will be in Sachsenring and I’m a bit nervous, because I like the track, but it’s a bit narrow. Then it’s Assen, and that’s my biggest doubt”.

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