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Lorenzo: “The difference between Márquez and the others is that Marc never gives up on any race”

Jun 9, 21 | 06:00 PM
Jorge Lorenzo
Mónica Collantes editor – Life is Racing

"Only with a positive mindset you can get positive things." AB19

Jorge Lorenzo answers in a more personal way to some questions from the fans through Tik Tok. Marc Márquez, Fabio Quartararo, or some of the rivals who have made him most nervous in the past.

Ever since Jorge Lorenzo appeared with his 99Seconds channel, we have become accustomed to his assessments after every Grand Prix. He usually mentions in detail all the protagonists of each weekend, as well as the main news. This time, he also gave a more personal assessment by answering fans’ questions via the Tik Tok social network. More direct questions, in relation to Marc Márquez or Fabio Quartararo, as well as looking back to the past highlighting his strongest rivals.

Marc Márquez’s current situation remains uncertain. Injury, plus the condition of the Honda, do not allow him to bring out the true side of Marc on the bike. Fabio Quartararo, who is now leading the championship, is undoubtedly one of the favourites for the world title.  Jorge continues to bet on Marc, not for the title, but as the best current rider in the MotoGP category.

“I think Marc Márquez is the best rider on the grid, a beast in many aspects. He has a tough rival to beat now with Fabio Quartararo, but surely when he recovers from his injury he will prove it again”, he said in statements reported by Diario Marca. Going into more depth on a personal level, he also mentions the strongest rivals he has had at different times. “In 250cc it was very difficult for me to beat Pedrosa, who was very fast. The first years of MotoGP too, Valentino Rossi from 2008 to 2010 who was in his best form. Also in 2015, my last championship”.


And he can’t forget Marc Márquez in recent times. “The difference between Márquez and the others is that Marc never gives up any race. No matter what circumstances he was in, that’s why he was perhaps the hardest rival to beat”. Among the overtaking moments that have caused Lorenzo the most nerves is also one with the Honda rider. “At Silverstone 2019 with Marc, although on that occasion it was my turn to celebrate that victory effusively because I managed to beat him”.

However, he doesn’t just make mention of that performance. “When it’s the last lap and you’re fighting with riders of the calibre of Rossi and Márquez, it’s normal to get very nervous. Your heart rate goes up to 200 and you know the importance of the moment. I guess it will happen to them too,” he continues, “I was very nervous with Rossi in Montmeló in 2009, because I knew he was very strong. In braking I was going to try, as I did”. 

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