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Lorenzo: “Marquez has a riding style so different that the rest of the riders can’t ride in bike made for him”

Apr 24, 21 | 09:30 PM
Óscar Rodelgo Alonso editor – Life is Racing

“The idea here is simple, if you can dream it, it is possible.” JL99

Jorge Lorenzo has presented a new video in his YouTube channel. The Spanish rider has made a review of his career, and highlighted some aspects of few riders.

Jorge Lorenzo has answered some questions of his fans, in his new YouTube video in his channel. Three of these fans, were celebrities that have some questions for the Spanish former rider. He has talked about the riding style of some riders on the grid, and has made a review of his career, and how he improve some aspects of his riding during the years.

Jorge Lorenzo started answering a question about, between all the factories has went through, and his best mechanics what he will choose. If I went back to MotoGP I would choose Ducati because I want to work to complete my goal of winning the world championship with them. The best mechanic I have had is Ramon Forcada, at character level, and with the one who was easy to work was with Christian Gavarrini”, answered Lorenzo.

The Spanish rider has explained what would the championship do, in Moto3. Moto3 is a very special category, where the recoil is crucial because you can trim off too much time, in short period of time. For that reason Moto3 riders risk everything, and do it despite the penalties they could have. Maybe if the penalties are harder, and the sancition is bigger than the benefecit they will stop doing it”.

“Honda didn’t feared KTM, and Pol Espargaro neither, simply they saw he was the best option”

Lorenzo explained how was his signing for Honda. “I think in my case was very clear, I offered myself to Honda. I called Albert and at the end I convinced him to sign me, and obviously, Ducati saw they have lost an important piece in the fight agains Marquez. Honda thought that I could have go fast and even more they signed a big rival for the team. However in Pol’s case, Honda didn’t feared KTM, and Pol Espargaro neither, simply they saw he was the best option”.

When I understand, that Ducati was following another line, and looking for another riders, for next season I called Albert to find other projects. He find some, he tlaked with Petronas and I decided to try with Honda for one last time. When the s0ay me yes I opted for Honda, because at the end is a dream to be there. If I could, I will choose HRC again“, expressed Lorenzo about how was his signning with Honda.


“I think that Yamaha is not treating Morbidelli in the best way”

Lorenzo answered some questions to some others famous persons like Xavi Hernandez, former FC Barcelona player, or the winner of the Portuguese GP Fabio Quartararo. In my beginnings I struggled with starts, and first laps. I wanted to improve that, and I paid attention to Stoner, and little by little I ended up doing the same as him, and at the end I was one of the better riders at starts and first laps.

He also has talked about the treaty that Yamaha is given to Morbidelli, and Lorenzo has gave his point of view. “I think that Yamaha is not treating Morbidelli in the best way, last year he did a good championship. For example, Ducati gives the four riders the same bike practically, but Yamaha with Francos isn’t doing it. I think that Franco, out of circuit, has to demand a better treartment, and I see correct tha he feel “threated” from other factories. But when he put his helmet on and gets on the bike he has to give his best, and make Yamaha understand that the are getting wrong.

The Spanish rider also in the video, since when he decided to retire from MotoGP in 2019. “In Assen in 2019, I thought it seriously to do it there. I came from a big crash, and arrieved at Assen and crashed again. In that moment I thoguht ‘What is here, I want to retire’. I tried to comeback, but my head was not the same”.

“Since Marc arrived at MotoGP in 2013, he has given everything for Honda, and Honda owe him a lot”

After that Lorenzo, specified the performance of some riders. He started for Maverick Viñales. “Viñales is too young, he will get over this situation, will win some races again. What is happening is that he has two handicaps that are restricting him. First is the starts, he has to improve it seriously, and second is the emotional highs and lows. He needs to be much more stable, because he always will habve problems”, said Lorenzo.

He also talked about Marc Marquez, and what makes him different from the rest. “Since Marc arrived at MotoGP in 2013, he has given everything for Honda, and Honda owe him a lot. The bike wasn’t bad, but without him they won’t have achieved those five titles. Nevertheless that has a negative part. Marquez has a riding style so competitive, so a gressive, so extreme that the rest of the riders can’t ride in bike made for him. As I see Honda don’t want to depend from Marquez forever, I think that they are working in a evolution of the bike for the other riders, to feel comfortable in the bike, and can win races.

The Spanish rider, mentioned the work of Joan Mir. “Mir deserved the championship in 2020 independently that Marc was injured. Having said that, at level of competitiveness having Marc on track, obligates you to be faster to pass him, and this is going to happen this year when recovers. I don’t know if Mir will win again, but I’m sure he will do well”.

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