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“If he needs a fourth surgery, Marc Marquez won’t be able to ride in 2021”

Jan 23, 21 | 06:25 PM
Óscar Rodelgo Alonso editor – Life is Racing

“The idea here is simple, if you can dream it, it is possible.” JL99

The 2020 season has been marked for the absence of Marc Marquez, due to his injury. Honda has started to look for a solution, and discover if it was a medical negligence.

It all started during the first of the MotoGP season, in July. Marquez was trying to come back to the top positions, when suffered a crash, that broke his humerus. Since that Marquez has to underwent three surgeries to get by his injury, and be ready for the 2021 season. But his participation in this next season of the championship is a mystery. He has to pass the recovery process. By now, the first check-up, was good, but some disorder in the recovery, could prevent Marquez to compete another year. 

For that reason, Honda has started to look for a solution, to this problem, according to the French media Moto Revue. In this year without Marquez the Japanese factory only achieved two podiums, made by Alex Marquez, and pole position of Nakagami. In the last surgery of Marquez, at the start of December, the doctors of Madrid Ruber Hospital, found the infection.

One of the reasons that could have caused all this problems, was the overexertion Marquez did in those days. Five days after his first surgery, the Spanish rider returned to the paddock, and did the chek-up, to enter the race. But after the free practices he decide to compete and be pacient and come back when he ws fully recover. However then, the plate broke when opened a Window, casuing him to get another surgery.


“In Jerez the plate could have broken at any moment”

Bernard Achou, former osteopath of the Mobile Clinic, said that all they tried to get Marc Marquez back, was risky and hurried. “Get on a bike again, after just four days since the surgery was a insanity. Escpially in Jerez, which is a track where the riders never have a moment to slow down. Also the tension is enormous in the right arm. Immediatly after the fracture and the surgery, there are a loss of muscle mass. If the fracture was on the clavicle it can be blocked with all the arm, but humerus is more complicated. The plate could have broken at any moment, is just there to put the bones in contact”.

Doctor Charte has wanted to defend his decision in that time. “I we’ve known that the plate could broke, we wouldn’t let Marc compete in Jerez“. He explained that didn’t find any signs that the plate could broke, after they did the check-up.

Achou explianed that is infection that they have to treat carefully. “The osteomyelitis is a difficult infection treat. If the antibiotic treatment doesn’t work, it will be necessary to do another operation to remove the plate, and clean the bone. Then put some external fixatives before put him in a hyperbaric cam, tro try heal it, with the oxygenation of the tissues”.

“Both Mir and Charte are responsible for this disaster”

Honda doesn’t want have another season without Marc Marquez. From the Japanese factory don’t want that Marquez spend another year, recovering from his injury. The Spanish rider will be part of Honda, until 2024, and the factory has sent some people to investigate the case. Bernard Achou, is clear about who are the responsibles. “I hope that we don’t have to get there, because it’s difficult to accept the fact, that a rider like Marquez could not compete. If he needs a fourth surgery, Marc Marquez won’t be able to ride in 2021″.

Those who let Marquez got on the bike, four days after the surgery are the responsibles. But the one, who is more responsible is the surgeon that gave the ok. Both Mir and Charte are responsible for this disaster. We know that Marc is an outstanding rider, but been out of the competetion for a year, will have some consecuences in his develop. Specially against his younger rivals, that have improved a lot“.

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