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Aleix Espargaró breaks down: “My brain is trying to assimilate how, after a minute of silence, we went out to race”

May 31, 21 | 09:30 AM
aleix espargaró, motogp
Foto: DAZN
María Viñas López editor – Life is Racing

"Riding a bike is like an art, something you do because you feel something inside". VR46

Aleix Espargaró leaves sporting matters aside and talks about the toughness of the sport. The Aprilia rider could not hold back the tears in his interview with DAZN microphones after finishing the race, still with the memory of Dupasquier after his sad death.

Today is not an easy day for anyone in the MotoGP World Championship, but especially for the riders throughout the competition who have had to suppress their emotions in the face of the tragic news and take to the track. The MotoGP riders and the entire paddock paid an emotional tribute to the late Jason Duspasquier with a minute’s silence on the track, which ended with a round of applause. A situation in which, in addition, we could see several people getting emotional, as Aleix Espargaró said after the race. It has not been easy at all and the Aprilia rider could not stop the tears coming out of his eyes as he was aware of the tremendous hardness that motorcycling holds.

“For the riders it has been very hard, I understand that for the journalists the same, I don’t want to detract you because you will have suffered it like us, but we get to 350 km/h. My brain is trying to assimilate how, after a minute of silence where I could not hold back the tears, where I have gone to look for my brother… how do we do to go out to race. It is very difficult. He was a kid, to have it all happen so fast is very hard to digest,” commented the Aprilia rider, holding back tears in his eyes.

“I don’t know, I don’t have an explanation. You have to live with it and it’s part of our sport. As good a job as I think we MotoGP riders do with Dorna in the Safety Commission there are crashes like yesterday where we can never do anything about it. It is part of this sport, which we have to live with, but what I find most difficult to digest is how quickly it all happens. The minute of silence and then to run. I’m not saying that you have to run or not, I’m not going to get into this because I think it’s idiotic to talk about it now, but it is very difficult,” concluded the pilot to DAZN microphones.

Minutes later, in a virtual press conference, the Aprilia rider assessed the day:

Race summary: “The start was not the best. The bike didn’t accelerate as I expected, so I lost some positions right away. I think it was due to a loss of power, we have to analyze the data because in the last days we didn’t have any kind of problem in that area. In the corners we confirmed our potential, in fact I was able to stay close to the group fighting for the podium. The gaps are very small, today the inaccuracies are very expensive, I’m sorry because we lost an opportunity”.

Condition of his arm after the operation: “On Friday and Saturday my arm was giving me some discomfort while riding the RS-GP. Fortunately, the Clinica Mobile did a great job with me and the sessions helped me avoid any pain in today’s race. I have to thank them, so now I can look forward to the next race with more awareness.”

Emotional after Dupasquier’s tragic news: “I’m speechless, I can’t understand what happened. It all happened very quickly. I was only 19 years old, I was a ‘kid’, yesterday I didn’t feel like going out on track for FP4. Today, in the space of ten minutes, he went from honoring it to lowering his visor. We were able to find the motivation to keep going, that’s the cruelty of life and our beloved sport. I feel very sad, a hug to his family”.

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