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Moto-E World Cup

The most important news about the new electric motorcycle World Championship that will begin in 2019. Last minute of this new category that will be included within the MotoGP championship.

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The Moto-E World Cup is the future and so the CEO of Dorna, Carmelo Ezpeleta, has pointed it out in some interviews even though it is still hard for us to see and believe it. As with Formula-E in terms of cars, the FIM and Dorna have already started to prepare for the world championship of motorcycling with electric motorcycles, so that everything is under their umbrella.

In principle, Moto-E is scheduled to begin to organize itself as one more world category from 2019. Many things are still to be decided that in 2018 will be revealed and we will tell you about it. The idea is that initially there is a single supplier of electric motorcycles for all riders and the question is to see if it will be included in the Grand Prix, taking place on the same weekend as MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3. It would certainly be an important accolade for its follow-up by racing fans.

The candidate machines in principle would be the Saroléa, the Mugen or the Lightning, although the final model has yet to be decided. Some ex-MotoGP rider, currently in Dorna, has already done some test to decide and shape the final decision. The championship is serious and it is that Nicolas Goubert, Michelin’s current technical director in the Grand Prix, will stop working for the tire brand after 28 years of dedication to overturn in the Moto-E World Cup. In February 2018 he will take his new position as executive director of this cup of electric motorcycles, without a doubt an exciting project that will take shape throughout the year to see the light, in principle, for 2019. Here we will bring you all the news.

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