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Jorge Lorenzo #99

Last minute on the MotoGP rider, Jorge Lorenzo.

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Jorge Lorenzo’s Profile

His talent in the pre-World Championship categories attracted attention, causing the legendary brand Derbi to look to him for a place in the 125cc World Championship in 2002. Due to his age he missed the first two dates of the year and had to wait until Saturday of the third Grand Prix, in Jerez, to be able to debut. That day he was 15 years old, being the youngest debutant in the history of the championship. He added 21 points to finish 21st in the standings at the end of the season.

For 2003 he would be able to consolidate himself in the category to such an extent that he achieved his first victory in the Brazilian GP, ​​with that mythical “outside” in the first corner of the last lap against Stoner and Pedrosa. He would also add to his record his first pole in the World Cup and another podium, both milestones in Sepang to finish the season in 12th position. Despite the fact that Derbi was inferior to its main rivals such as Honda or Aprilia, Lorenzo for 2004 continued with them. He was in the leading group all year, even fighting for the runner-up in the last round. Three victories and seven podiums in total to finish in 4th position.

Lorenzo then decided to jump up to 250cc with Honda, instead of trying to get the 125cc title. For 2005 he was one of the protagonists of the quarter liter, with his unforgettable duels “with the knife” against Dani Pedrosa whose relationship was complicated due to the competitiveness on the track and the relationships of their environments outside. With 6 podiums he finished in 5th position and although he was close to victory, it did not come. They were saved for the following year.

2006 and 2007 were the consolidation as champion. His team changed brands, from Honda to Aprilia, in a decision that time would prove very successful. Jorge would take the crown for two years and with a total of 17 victories. His biggest rival was Andrea Dovizioso, runner-up both seasons. The MotoGP factories were watching and then Yamaha opted for him to accompany Valentino Rossi in the official team.

Lorenzo’s debut in MotoGP was very popular in 2008. Three consecutive poles and three podiums, with a victory in Estoril ahead of his teammate, even leading the championship. Although in the next appointment the injuries began to arrive. Jorge had a strong fall in the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalonia that even made him consider continuing or not. Fortunately the waters returned to their course and he finished the season with six podiums and the 4th position in the standings.

For 2009 he broke with his manager Dani Amatriain, changed his number from 48 to 99 and consolidated in MotoGP with one of the candidates for the title. He is Valentino Rossi’s rival throughout the year, leaving us some memorable duels. In the end, 4 victories, 12 podiums and 261 points make him runner-up in the world in the premier category. There was only one step left.

The step towards the summit came in 2010. In the season closest to perfection, Jorge achieved 16 podiums, with 9 victories and a total of 383 points, an absolute record that still exists. For 2011 he wore the “1” on the front of his Yamaha but could not revalidate the crown against a superior Honda and a dominating Stoner. For 2012 Lorenzo would turn the situation around again to add his 4th World title, the 2nd MotoGP. Between these two seasons he took 9 more victories and 26 podiums, where Stoner and Pedrosa were his strongest rivals with Rossi on Ducati.

In 2013 the “status quo” of MotoGP changed with the return of Rossi to Yamaha and the debut of Marc Márquez in MotoGP, but Jorge Lorenzo began dominating in Qatar. The key moment was his fall and broken clavicle in Assen. He underwent surgery and immediately returned to the circuit to race and be fifth in the race. A heroism that unfortunately did not continue at the Sachsenring where his clavicle plate fell and bent. He did not run that appointment and in the next, Laguna Seca, he was 6th making a tremendous effort. 21 points out of a possible 75 had caused him to lose almost all of his chances for the crown, but he fought it to the end, putting Marc Márquez in trouble until the last race in Valencia. He was runner-up with 8 victories and 14 podiums, just 4 points away from repeating the crown.

2014 started very badly for Lorenzo, who fell in Qatar, one of his favorite circuits. The season went from less to more and although he could never fight for the title, he did fight for the runner-up until the end. He was 3rd with two victories (Motorland and Motegi) and 11 podiums.

In 2015 Lorenzo achieved his best level against huge rivals like Rossi and Márquez. In a championship in which he was always behind, attempting the comeback over his partner at Yamaha, Jorge rose by 5 points with the title after a controversial finish in Sepang and Valencia. The truth is that he got his 5th World crown, 3rd in MotoGP, starting from pole and holding the lead throughout the Valencia race. He led more laps than anyone and was the driver who won the most races that season, 7 in total.

In 2016 he started very strong, adding three victories with five podiums in the first 6 tests. Then different circumstances, such as problems in the rainy races, made him lose his options for the crown to finish the 3rd position. The surprise came when, before the Jerez event, he announced his signing for Ducati for the following season, accepting the challenge of being champion with two different bikes.

2017 was the toughest season for Lorenzo since he reached the premier class at a sporting level, as he had a hard time adapting to his new mount, getting 3 podiums and finishing the season in 7th position. The Mallorcan rider is confident of taking a step forward in 2018 to fight again for the positions of honor on a regular basis.

In 2018 Lorenzo adapted to the Ducati. For the Italian Grand Prix, his great moment would come with victory, which he would repeat at the next appointment in Catalonia. The successes came late for the Balearic who saw how Borgo Panigale’s brand signed Petrucci for 2019 just when he was starting to win. Lorenzo knew how to move and for 2019 he will be with Honda. Injuries marked the end of his time in red, just when he was in his best form, fighting for the runner-up.

  • Date of birth: May 4, 1987
  • Place of birth: Palma de Mallorca
  • Weight: 64 kilos
  • Height: 1.73 meters
  • Bike: Ducati
  • Number: 99
  • Helmet: Shark
  • Jumpsuit: Alpinestars
  • Sponsors: Monster, Air Europa, Skull Rider, Zopo, Tissot, Prink, Terranova CNC, Anova, Seat, Alpinestars, Shark.

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