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Women are also protagonists in MotoGP. Female motorcycling.

All news about female motorcycling

From the pilot to the mechanics within the world of motorcycles. News and results 24 hours a day. The World Cup is also for them.

Although 90% of our readers are men and only 10% women, we know that 99.99% are interested in the exploits of women trying to make their way into a sport as masculine as motorcycling. At Motosan we believe that it is very important to give special attention to women who, in different roles, do outstanding tasks that deserve to reach everyone.

During the last seasons we have had women like Ana Carrasco or María Herrera in the Moto3 world championship, but apparently there will be no girls on the grid at the Grand Prix in 2018. We will have Laia Sanz at the Dakar, where she will return again to be the protagonist.

An example is the team of the last 80cc world champion, Manuel “Champi” Herreros, Champi Women Racing, the only all-female team that participates in the Spanish Championship. Its mission is to promote and promote the talent and capacities of women in all kinds of activities related to motorcycling, as well as to raise awareness in society of equal opportunities and recognition through high competition.

From this section in Motosan we will monitor the achievements and results of the women pilots, as well as interviews and relevant news. To be an information platform different from what exists until now. We will also remember the feats achieved by women throughout history in the world championship.

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