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All the information about the motorcycle category in the Rally Raid for hard and famous of the World. The first competition of each year.

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The Dakar was born at the end of 1978 with the name of “Rally Paris-Dakar”. It is always organized between the last days of December and the beginning of the new year. In these last editions it is starting at the beginning of the year, the first days of January. It is the most famous cross country Rally in the world and one of the most difficult and dangerous.

Traditionally, the Dakar Rally began in Paris, although not every year, to cross Spain until it reached Africa where the differences between the participants really began to be marked. The race crossed the African continent until it reached Dakar, although at other times it had alternative finishes.

In 2008 the race was suspended for lack of security, due to terrorist attacks in Mauritania just a few days before it started. Since 2009 the Dakar entered a new dimension, transferring the competition to South America, through countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru or Paraguay, a country that was visited for the first time in the 2017 edition. A change that, although it has changed the wild and magical spirit of Africa, has maintained the level of acceptance and spectacle worldwide.

The participating vehicles are motorcycles, which we will provide coverage on our page, apart from cars, trucks, quadricycles, quads and UTVs. Part of the DNA of this race is that registration is open to all types of people who want to participate in compliance with the regulations and technical specifications. It is usual that more than 75% of the grill is formed by mere passionate people, not professionals. Although mainly in the case of cars, motorcycles and trucks, there are powerful factories and professional teams in search of victory.

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